Our work is characterised by comprehensive research, solid professional skills, outstanding project management and excellent implementation.

Our clients include businesses and public sector organisations. Our activities are based on a profound understanding of our client’s operations and the endeavour to find the optimal communications solutions to support those operations.

Below are examples of three different types of projects we have implemented for our clients.

Publications for the Finnish Border Guard

We produce the Finnish Border Guard’s stakeholder magazine, Rajamme Vartijat. It is published four times a year, and each issue has up to 100 pages. The production process includes working together with the client to brainstorm the contents for each issue, writing and editing articles, providing Swedish and English translations, graphic design and layout of the magazine, and communications with the print house.

We also produce browsable versions published online, as well as PDF versions in compliance with the EU Accessibility Directive, for the website.

In addition to the magazine, we produce the Annual Report of the Finnish Border Guard on an annual basis.

Bad Santa Liquer Ice launch campaign

Bad Santa was the first company in Finland to start manufacturing alcoholic ice creams when the production and exports were allowed by the new Alcohol Act in 2018. We designed the Bad Santa Liquer Ice packaging and marketing materials.

Thanks to the media campaign implemented by us, Bad Santa Liquer Ice gained wide publicity and the company increased its sales.

VR presentation for Turku University Hospital

We produced a VR presentation for Turku University Hospital (TYKS) to enable expecting mothers and their partners to virtually visit the maternity and labour wards in advance. This VR presentation received the First Prize in the Advertisement of the Year competition by MARK Turku.


The implementation was praised by the jury:

“An innovative and praised presentation form”
“Clear and informative"
“Offers guidance and reliable information"
“A virtual visit to the labour ward provides useful information for people in an important life situation"