Our services

We implement communications projects efficiently on a turnkey basis.




We assist businesses and other organisations in planning their communications, preparing the communications strategy and defining the core messages.

We provide management and specialists with coaching in communications-related matters, from strategic planning to practical implementation.

Based on our decades of experience, we have insight into business operations in various fields and an understanding of how to support those operations with optimal stakeholder communications.


Publications and content production

We produce entire publications and individual articles for different publishing platforms. You can view samples of publications implemented by us at Princeps – Issuu

Our strengths include solid professional skills in journalism, creative graphic design and the efficient management of publishing processes.

We promote the proper use of the Finnish language, and our professional translators ensure the accuracy of the message in other languages to successfully reach various audiences and markets.


Media relations

We create media releases for our clients to communicate their messages via different media channels in Finland and abroad.

We have expertise on the ways in which the press and media operate and on related journalistic demands.

We crystallize our clients’ core messages and create interesting contents that will cross the news threshold.


Virtual Reality presentations

Virtual Reality (VR) can be used to remotely present, for example, a company’s production facilities, products or services. The use of VR goggles provides the viewer an immersive experience of being physically present in the virtual environment. VR presentations are a useful tool for use at fairs or exhibitions, or for a company to convince a potential customer on the other side of the world about their product.

We implement VR presentations either as 360 videos or with 360 still images, depending on the client’s profile. The process comprehensively covers the manuscript writing, 360 videoing or photography, material editing and the delivery of the final VR presentation.

In Finland, we are a pioneer in VR production, and we have created VR presentations for various fields since 2016. You can view samples of VR Presentations implemented by us on our YouTube Channel.