About us

Princeps (in Latin) means
“first in time or order; the first, foremost, the most eminent, distinguished or noble”

Founded in 1990, Princeps Oy is a family-owned company based in Finland. In accordance with our name, we offer leading communications services that promote our clients’ operations and serve their stakeholders.

First-rate solutions

Our services are based on decades of experience in organisational communications integrated with the latest innovations in the field.”
Kirsti Helin

Why choose us

1. Communications with an impact

We provide communications solutions that will have an impact among our clients’ stakeholders.

2. From strategy to implementation

We have decades of experience in planning and implementing communications for various publishing platforms.

3. Focus on the client

Our job is to have a clear understanding of our clients’ operations and to support them with optimal communications solutions.

Contact information

Contact us for the planning and implementation of your next communications project!

Pyhän Katariinan tie 7
FI-20780 Kaarina
Finland, Northern Europe